Network Orchestration and Automation

End-to-End Automation across
Physical, Virtual & Cloud Networks

At the forefront of Digital Transformation

In Today’s Virtual and Digitized World, there has been an inevitable shift in the Paradigm from Manual task force to Orchestration through Automation that in turn sums up to negligible human error and increasing the accuracy. CanGo’s Network Orchestration and Automation (NOA) Platform enables the Operations and Planning Teams to automate the mundane tasks by creating user specific workflows and automating to ensure closed loop automation. Hundreds of Man hours for Scheduled Maintenance tasks can be reduced by automating the entire process. The Solution makes it very easy for non-technical Operations Team to design and develop complex workflows by abstracting complicated and tedious application and infrastructure programming.

Delivering Value to Network Operations through Automation

    CanGo’s Network Orchestration and Automation (NOA) Platform is an Intuitive, Flexible, Scalable and Comprehensive Solution catering to the Automation needs of Multi-Domain and Multi-Vendor Environments.

    • Improved Productivity
    • Enhanced Security and Compliance
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Reduced Operating
    • Reusable Library
    • Intuitive Interface aimed for all
    • Customized and Flexible Templated
    • Automating Real Time Network Changes

Zero-touch Operations is the latest initiative to emerge from the Carrier Virtualization Movement and to meet Business Goals without minimal Manual Intervention. NOA suggests “hands-free” Operations, what Cloud-folks refer to as “NoOps”. NOA provides scalable automation, management of complex deployments and enhances productivity. NOA’s powerful REST API makes it easier to seamlessly integrate with third party applications.

Closed Loop Automation

  • CanGo’s NOA Automation Platform aids in achieving Closed Loop Automation in multi-domain and multi-vendor Network Environments. It enables to implement changes in the network and to overcome vendor/technology lock-in thereby reducing the risks, costs and time involved.

  • CanGo’s Powerful Automation Engine can bring in improved efficiency during Service Migration Automation. Rule based Automation along with continuous Monitoring results in successful service migration. Coupled with OptiGo’s Performance Service Assurance Platform can be applied to diverse domains such as CS Core, PS Core, Radio, etc.